JAMAICA Montanha Azul
JAMAICA Montanha Azul
JAMAICA Montanha Azul
JAMAICA Montanha Azul
JAMAICA Montanha Azul

JAMAICA Montanha Azul

Com suas altas altitudes, chuvas abundantes e solos ricos em nutrientes, a região de Blue Mountain, na Jamaica, é conhecida como uma excelente região para o cultivo de café. Em Sherwood Forest Estates, a família Bramwell supervisiona o cultivo e o processamento meticulosos, garantindo uma xícara de alta qualidade. Delicioso café com notas florais e cítricas com doçura.


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Process: Fully washed

Roaster: Giesen W6A

Roasting profile: Espresso & Filter

Producer: Bramwell family

Region: Blue Mountain

Altitude:1,160-1,740 meters above sea level

Notes: blackberry, apple, dark chocolate

Q-grader's rate:

One of the best and rare sort of coffee in the whole world. In Portugal we are the only one where you can try it.

With its high altitudes, abundant rainfall and nutrient-rich soils, Jamaica’s Blue Mountain region is well known as an excellent growing region for coffee. At Sherwood Forest Estates, the Bramwell family oversees meticulous cultivation and processing, ensuring a high quality cup. 

We have this coffee in 100 g packages so that you can try it first before buying 250 grams at once.

This is also a great gift for a coffee lover.


We pay close attention to the flavor potential of the beans. Therefore, we roast coffee twice a week to ensure that only freshly roasted beans reach your home.

How to keep

In a sealed bag at room temperature, coffee can be stored for up to 12 months.

After opening the package, we recommend consuming the coffee within 2 weeks and grinding it just before brewing.


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