About us

Unity Coffee Roasters is a Portuguese manufacturer and multi-supplier of coffee products and related goods for the coffee business.

Coffee is what our team has always been passionate about. But where does our story begin?

In January 2016 we opened our first coffee shop. Through our work we realized that coffee is a product that demands more careful exploration. We became deeply interested in the production process and that's when our journey truly ignited.

In December 2018 we achieved what we had long aspired to. We established our own production facility. Ahead of us lay many discoveries and knowledge that we hadn't even anticipated.

In May 2019 with pride, we roasted our first kilogram of coffee. And as you can imagine, that was just the beginning.

Today, Unity Coffee Roasters is a multi-supplier in the HoReCa segment.

The motto of our company is 'Impove.' Impove your business, your customers and your employees. We strive to bring together industry professionals to provide only the highest quality products.