Wholesale coffee

We roast the beans on one of the best roasters in the world - Giesen - under the strict supervision of one of the best roasters. Each grain undergoes strict quality selection from our eagle-eyed Q-grader.

We will not leave you to the mercy of the coffee business, but:

  • We will train coffee shop staff to work with these beans - to brew in such a way as to fully reveal the taste.
  • We will set up a drinks bar and draw up technical maps together with an AST trainer.

We work directly with producing countries: we purchase green beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Jamaica, El Salvador, Rwanda, Guatemala and Costa Rica and roast them based on the characteristics of each grain.

All our grains are:

  • 100% Arabica;
  • Individual roasting profile;
  • High quality raw materials;
  • From 23 euros per 1 kg.

What we guarante

Let's get it done

As we said, we are ready to train your baristas to work with coffee.

Always fresh deliveries

We roast the beans in small batches and strictly adhere to packaging and storage conditions so that the taste is not diminished one iota.

You will definitely find coffee you like

Our assortment includes 11 types of filter and espresso coffee from around the world.

A wide range

In addition to coffee, we have tea and hot chocolate (cocoa). Unity Coffee Roasters has one of the widest ranges of teas and coffees in Portugal. We have selected the best varieties and blends from all over the world.

What to do?

  1. Fill out the form on this page and leave your contacts;
  2. We will send you a wholesale price and answer any coffee question and help you with your choice;
  3. We will roast and package the coffee within 3 days after placing the order;
  4. We will hand over the coffee personally or to a transport company.

Contact us

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