We do more than just roast coffee

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We send coffee on the next day after your purchase. Shipping is free for all orders over 30 euros through mainland Portugal and Spain.

Roasting every week

We roast coffee twice a week so that you always have fresh coffee at home.

Roaster Giesen

We roast coffee on one of the best roasters in the world - Giesen. We select grains by hand.

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Ethiopia is like a citrus jam. Bergamot will follow you all the time, and chocolate will appear in the aftertaste. In the filter you will find a lot of sweetness. And in espresso you will get a full body and citrus sweetness with a sour aftertaste.
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Profile is by our Q-grader

The special taste and rich aroma are achieved by our Q-grader Alexander and roaster Giesen.

We carefully select each bean and maximize its potential, because we roast coffee ourselves ☕️

Our clients say


I recently tried this coffee, and it’s now my favorite! It is so refreshing with a hint of bergamot and sweet at the same time. Thank you!"


Hey guys. Thank you for my Kenya, it is delicious


Appreciate your quick delivery and coffee you provide. Good luck!


Good afternoon, I've got the order with me.Thanks for your communication and your interest in the best experience.And also for the Ethiopia Coffee pack as a present!I'll enjoy everything, good work!


Thank you for the quick delivery. Yesterday I ordered tea and today I already got it!


Coffee Supplier

Our coffee production, like any wholesale coffee supplier, begins at our warehouse, where we store green coffee beans from more than 7 producing countries. The beans are kept in clean, well-ventilated spaces at specific temperatures and humidity levels.
For roasting we use high-capacity Giesen industrial roasters, allowing us to roast large volumes of coffee in 8-14 minutes. Roaster settings are easily adjusted depending on the desired roast level, enabling us to fulfill unique orders. Before packaging, the consistency and color of each batch's roast are checked with a special device.
As coffee producers and wholesale suppliers, we are committed to providing our customers with detailed information about the origin of coffee beans and their roasting method and degree. All this information is available on our branded packaging, which protects the coffee from air, light, and moisture.