Unity Coffee Company offers whole bean and ground coffee directly from the manufacturer. We roast green beans from 7 coffee regions around the world in our own facility in Lisbon, Portugal.
      The roasting process is carefully controlled to ensure that each cup of coffee delights you with its perfect taste. Properly processed and roasted whole bean coffee possesses a rich aroma and a full-bodied flavor.
      When you order coffee from Unity Coffee Roasters, you receive all the information about the processing, bean roasting level, and flavor profiles. On our website, you'll find varieties for those who prefer low acidity coffee as well as options for those who enjoy a brighter and more acidic taste. Experienced connoisseurs will discover rare varieties and intriguing blends, while newcomers are encouraged to experiment and explore different types.
      You can purchase whole bean coffee or choose your preferred grind size: fine, medium, or coarse. We can grind the beans to your liking for any brewing method that suits you.