Brasil Mare Blue
Brasil Mare Blue
Brasil Mare Blue

Brasil Mare Blue

Tarrazú é provavelmente a região cafeeira mais famosa do centro da Costa Rica. Os agricultores que contribuem para esta mistura regional cultivam explorações agrícolas entre 1.400 e 1.500 metros acima do nível do mar. A maior altitude e as temperaturas mais baixas fazem com que o fruto do café amadureça mais lentamente, criando um grão mais denso.


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Process: Honey

Roaster: Giesen W6A

Roasting profile: Espresso

Region: Alta Mogiana

Altitude: 1205 meters above sea level

Notes: cane sugar, milk chocolate, red apple

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Mare Blue is produced by a cooperative that works in direct trade activities, which allows small producers access to international markets.

Natural process, red catuai which grow at an altitude of 1205 meters in Brasil.


We pay close attention to the flavor potential of the beans. Therefore, we roast coffee twice a week to ensure that only freshly roasted beans reach your home.

How to keep

In a sealed bag at room temperature, coffee can be stored for up to 12 months.

After opening the package, we recommend consuming the coffee within 2 weeks and grinding it just before brewing.


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